BrickX is a company that presents a new style of housing investment. BrickX buys property and breaks them up into parts, called bricks. Customers are able to buy those bricks at a fraction of the house price.


20-30 year old young professionals who are looking to invest into their future, but don’t have the funds or the knowledge to start.


The target audience avoids traditional advertising but are attracted interactive experiences and spectacle.
We’ve used a combination of outdoor, ambient, interactive and digital.


Our target audience nds the housing market intimidating and feel like they are priced out of it completely. Our campaign positions BrickX as an rogue outsider helping our target audience invest in their future.

SMP Break into the Housing Market.

Our visuals are based on the idea of a brick literally breaking through our media to visually represent what BrickX is. A new investment company breaking into the housing market. This SMP is easily adaptable to di erent executions depending on context.