How do you extend one of the most successful and iconic campaigns into a new digital format?

In this experience, users were able to get a free, personalised bottle of Coca-cola delivered to their doorstep by just saying "Alexa, lets share a coke". Although the end result of experience was simple, it came by solving two problems that appear throughout most voice based projects; the limitations of the voice platforms themselves, and the tight deadlines with campaign work. This meant I was able to design, develop and release the whole voice experience within 3 weeks.

Users would just simply activate Alexa, say their phone number, and have a coupon sent to them for instant redepemption.


The reception to this experience was mind-blowing. The original 2,000 bottles that were to be given away ran out in a matter of hours, and the further 4,000 additional bottles added by popular demand were gone by the end of the next day. This project also generated millions of views across numerous websites, so even people who missed out on a coke knew about the experience.

Technologies used:

Alexa, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS).